About Us

Why Us

Handmade quality furniture, it takes us back to a former time when furniture was hand made by local craftsmen, carpenters or even fashioned by hand from old pieces of timber.

Each piece was unique, designed for a particular purpose or location. But in today's era of mass production, custom designed and hand crafted furniture has all but vanished, replaced by mass produced furniture often made of inferior materials. What's more, in many cases the cost of custom-made furniture has become unaffordable for all but the privileged few.

We pride ourselves on upholding these timeless classical values of quality, attention to detail and value for money in all our products. Our furniture is constructed from solid wood and built to last, It's our guarantee that no man made wood substitues or veneers are ever used in any of our products. Each piece is hand-finished, with the finest blends of waxes which are professionally applied in stages by our skilled craftsman.

This attention to detail enhances the natural wood beautifully, making our furniture a true work of art and focal point for any room.

Our Ethos

We know how difficult it can be to find handcrafted furniture the right colour or size and understand how important this can be to our customers, so we have designed our website with this in mind. With a range of different colours and sizes available to suit your needs..

We are commited to providing quality handmade furniture at affordable prices.... and offer a custom made service for most of our products, with a selection of quality wax stains. All our timber is obtained ethically from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources after which it is kiln dried and quality checked before crafting.

Although we can keep the colour wax the same, no two timbers will ever be the same in character. The unique marking such as small splits, knots, saw markings, wear and tear, simply gives you traditional, rustic and beautiful handmade furniture while still retaining its original character & charm.

When you buy from us your not just getting a piece of furniture, it's a slice of history a living antique that will give pleasure for many years to come.